Options Page

While to pass a TM59 assessment you only need your spaces to pass the TM59 test criteria when using the CIBSE DSY1 2020 high emissions 50% percentile weather file for the site nearest your location, TM59 requires any TM59 assessment to run the model under different weather scenarios to further test the model. However, these later scenarios do not need to pass the TM59 test criteria.

To help produce results for these different scenarios, the TM59 Wizard can produce different parametric runs for the different weather scenarios. The options to setup these different parametric runs can be found in the File Creation box on the Options page.


File Creation

The File Creation box contains the following fields:

Weather Database

The weather database field requires the user to select the weather database containing the weather data they wish to use in their TM59 assessment. By default, the wizard will attempt to use the database stored as the default weather database in TBD (go to Tools -> Options in TBD to change this) however the selected database can be changed by clicking on the ellipsis (…) button.

Weather Data List

The list of available weather data will only populate when a weather database has been selected with valid weather data in. For the weather data to be valid, it will need to share the same latitude and longitude as the existing weather data in the source TBD file. To select a weather file, just left click on it’s name in the list. When a weather file has been selected it will be highlighted in blue. To select multiple weather files, hold down the Ctrl key when making your selections or click and drag over the selections. Please note that at least one weather file must be selected here before continuing.

Produce Additional Iterations with Any Internal or External Blinds Removed

When blinds are used in a TM59 assessment, the report must also show the results of the model when no blinds are used. When this tick-box is checked, the wizard will create an additional parametric run for each weather file where the internal and external blinds have been removed from the model.

Report Options

Also on the Options page are a couple of options to deal with the reports produced by the TM59 Wizard. These options can be found in the Report Options box. The options are:

Produce Reports

With this option ticked, after simulating the different parametric runs the wizard will display the Reports page of the wizard, allowing you to produce and save the reports for each parametric run. When the option is un-ticked, after simulating the different parametric runs the wizard will move to the closing page of the wizard. The TM59 report can be produced from Report Generator at any time.

Report Adaptive Weather Data

Criterion 1 of the criteria for homes that are predominantly naturally ventilated is identical to Criterion 1 from TM52. This means that you are assessed against a limiting temperature which will vary based on the external dry-bulb temperature. When this option is ticked, the limiting temperature you are being tested against, along with other parts of the weather data, will be reported on the reports produced by the wizard.

Building Category

As TM59 uses TM52’s Criterion 1, it also uses the Building Category option from TM52 as well. For homes with vulnerable occupants, i.e. care homes, TM59 states the building category should be set to Category I. All other homes should leave the category as II.