Before using the TM59 Wizard you will need to create the building geometry in the 3D Modeller (T3D) and export this data to the Building Simulator (TBD).

Within TBD, constructions must be applied to all applicable building elements, and an appropriate weather file for the building’s location must be selected (if the weather file changes location, then redo any shading calculations).

If aperture controls or IZAMS are to be used in the model, then these need to be setup before using the wizard.

Before opening up the TM59 Wizard, the Pre-Simulation Checks found within TBD should be run to check for any potential issues.

These checks can be found by selecting Tools → Pre-Simulation Checks on the menu bar. EDSL recommends that any errors and warnings that are found are corrected before running the TM59 Wizard on this file.


Launching the Wizard

The TM59 Wizard can only be accessed from within TBD. It can be found on the menu bar by going to Tools → TM59 Wizard.