Component Library

The component library organises the components in Tas Systems depending on whether they apply to:

  • Airside Systems (system components)

  • Collections (plant components)

  • Zones (zone components)

The component library also contains some default fuel sources.


You can group an arrangement of components together and add them to your component library for future use.

You can move component libraries between computers.

Airside Components

The airside components are organised into categories depending on their effect:

  • Basic Components

  • Flow Components

  • Heat Recovery

  • Other

The basic components include junctions, zones, and components which can provide heating & cooling.

The flow components contains components which affect the flow of air around the system such as pumps which increase pressure and therefore flow, and dampers which restrict flow around the circuit by increasing resistance.

The heat recovery components are used to exchange energy between two flow paths, without mixing the air along those paths.

Plant Components

Zone Components

Fuel Sources