Simulation and Errors

Once you have finished entering the data to the TBD file then the model can be simulated. Once simulate the result of the model will be displayed in the Tas Results Viewer application TSD. Before Simulating the model, TBD will run the pre-simulation checks to check the data in the model.

Pre-Simulation Checks

The pre-simulation checks can be run before the simulation via the button on the ribbon. All issues for the model are split in to 3 categories of severity; Notification, Warnings, and Errors.


Any warning or errors in the file need to be addressed before simulating as these can have a direct impact on the results.

Simulating the Model

To begin the simulation, you need to use the ‘Run Simulation’ button on the ribbon. Once pressed it will give you the simulation options dialog.


Once you have selected the appropriate options then you will need to select the name and location of where the results TSD file will be saved.