There are a number of databases available in the Applications section of the Tas Manager. These can also be accessed within the Building Simulator directly.

The databases are:

  • Calendar Database (TCD)

  • Constructions Database (TCR)

  • Internal Conditions Database (TIC)

  • Weather Database (TWD)

When you install the the software, a folder called Tas Data is added to the public documents folder on your computer. This folder contains a number of useful databases that can be read by the Tas Database applications.

A brief description of these is given below.

Calendar Database

Calendars are used in the Building Simulator to determine which internal conditions and apertures are applied for each day of the simulation, see Calendar for more information.

Some types of analysis prescribe which days should be occupied/unoccupied; for example, BB101 2009 specifies that the summer period should be modelled as unoccupied in a school.

The calendar database contains useful calendars for common types of analysis, and allows you to create and store custom calendars for user on multiple projects.

The calendar database files have the file extension .TCD

Constructions Database

The constructions database application can read TCR files. These files contain material and construction information which can be used across multiple projects.

The Tas Data folder contains useful construction databases such as those used for:


  • National Calculation Methodology (NCM)

  • International Glazing database

The international glazing database contains manufacturer data for common glass types which can be used to accurately model glazing systems.

Internal Conditions Database

The internal conditions database application can read TIC files, which contain internal gains information used by the Building Simulator during a simulation.

For certain types of analysis, the internal gains are prescribed; for example, for UK building regulations, the NCM internal conditions must be used. These are included in the NCM internal conditions database, in the Tas Data folder.

Internal conditions can be created in the Internal Conditions database and can be transferred to a Building Simulator file. They can also be transferred from the Building Simulator file to the Internal Conditions database for re-use.

Weather Database

The weather database application can read TWD files, and can convert common non-Tas formats into Weather Years that the Tas Software can read such as EPW files.

For certain types of analysis, the weather to be used is prescribed; for example, for UK building regulations, the CIBSE weather files must be used.