What is the 3D modeller?ΒΆ

The Tas 3D Modeller is a high-fidelity solid modelling application designed specifically for building simulation.

The purpose of the 3D modeller is to generate geometry for building performance analysis. You can use this geometry in the Tas Building Simulator and in the 3D Modeller itself for climate-based and point-in-time daylighting, and shading analysis. It was designed to be:

  • Easy to learn

  • Quick to create large or small buildings

  • Assess the impact of shading from nearby structures

You can also use its radiosity based daylighting engine to create realistically rendered daylight views, calculate internal lux levels, and daylight factors. This allows you to quickly analyse sufficient daylight and potential glare issues.

The 3D Modeller also facilitates BIM-to-BEM and BEM-to-BEM data imports from other packages for geometry and supporting building input data. Example supported formats include; gbXML, IDF, and INP.