Building Elements

To assign different constructions (e.g. cavity brick wall, stud wall, aluminium frame) to surfaces, surfaces in the 3D modeller are assigned a building element.

In the Building Simulator, constructions are added to building elements to give them thermal characteristics, such as U-Value/R-Value, specific heat capacity, density etc..

In the 3D modeller, the following can be assigned a building element:

  • Walls

  • Ceilings/ Roofs

  • Floors

Windows and shades are automatically given their own building elements in the Building Simulator.

If you use the default building element, building elements are automatically assigned to surfaces:


Making & Editing Building Elements

To create or change building elements, go to Model >> Create/Edit >> Building Elements in the ribbon:

../_images/Create_Edit_Tools_Building_Elements.png ../_images/Create_Edit_Building_Elements.png

Assigning Building Elements

You can asign a wall/ ceiling/ floor building element by using the corresponding Assign Element tool:


Whichever element is selected in the Elements panel will be applied: