These details will not affect the calculations except if you enter ancillary loads for fans and pumps (Project Details tab). Examples of ancillary loads would be, inter alia, destratification fans, secondary hot water circulation, and forced circulation for solar hot water systems.

The details entered on these tabs are needed for the BRUKL and EPC compliance documents.

The certifier details will be your work address. These, along with employer details can be stored in the registry on your computer so that you only need enter them once.

Air conditioning questionnaire is for EPCs only. To produce example compliance documents without an assessor number, input ABCD123456.

Exercise and Notes

  1. In this example the General Details tab was completed by setting the transaction type to “Voluntary”, language to “English”, fuel type to “Natural Gas”, environment to “Heating and Natural Ventilation”, context type to “Particular building”, index type to “Asset Rating”.

  2. For the Project Details tab the building type and stage was set to B1 office as designed. The reference was entered as 123456789012. The address will be the address of the building that is being modelled. Ancillary loads for fans and pumps were left at zero.

  3. Occupier details will be the name, address, and telephone number of the owner.

  4. The certifier and employer details will be your own work details. You can use ABCD123456 if you do not have an assessor number but the compliance documents will be examples only.