What’s new in the 2021 Studio?

Here are some features in the 2021 Studio which may be new to users more familiar with the 2013 version of the studio. Some of these are features of the new NCM modelling guide, while some are recent changes to Tas.

Foundation Area

As defined in para. 82 of the NCM modelling guide 2021. The area can be calculated automatically or entered manually. The foundation area affects the amount of PV in the Notional building.

PV calculation method – detailed or STC

The “Standard Test Conditions” method can now be used in addition to the “Detailed” method used previously.

New distribution efficiency method

In addition to the percentage distribution efficiency used previously, distribution efficiency can now be entered as a flat loss rate in watts.

New tank loss option

In addition to the method used previously where tank insulation details are provided, a loss rate in watts can now be specified.

New heating circuit available

Users can now choose a heating and DHW circuit which includes both CHP and a storage tank.

New Natural Ventilation option

The user can tick an option to model natural ventilation in the Actual building by adding 5 ACH of natural ventilation when zone temperatures exceed the heating setpoint, following the method for the Notional building from para. 45 of the 2021 NCM modelling guide. This option can be selected instead of using aperture types in the source TBD.

Primary Energy Report

Reports for Primary Energy are now produced alongside those for CO2, consumption, etc.