Setting Up a Natural Ventilation System


If you have apertures in the source TBD file adjacent to naturally ventilated zones then you must apply an aperture type in the source TBD to inform the software by what proportion the apertures will open and under what internal and external conditions they will open and close.

Zone heating can be supplied by a radiator or a direct electric source. If you choose radiator as the heating type then you will have to set up a boiler on the heating circuit configuration screen. If you select direct electric then the heating load will be met by grid supplied electricity with an efficiency of 100%.

Monitoring for out-of-range values set to True will reduce the heating, cooling, auxiliary, and HWS consumption by 5%.

Exercise and Notes

  1. See the above screenshot for air-side system details used in this example.

  2. Monitoring for out-of-range values = True.