Running the Calculations


If you make changes to the input data after running the calculations you can then save subsequent results to a new folder without having to overwrite your original results. Select Create New to create a new results folder. This is useful for comparative purposes.

Using the Generation Options grid, you can select which buildings to generate and/or simulate and other stages you want to run. The legend on the right tells you what each symbol represents.

If you change the air-side system type, e.g., natural ventilation to mixed mode but you haven’t changed the geometry then you won’t have to run the generate/simulate buildings stages again.

Multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously using the different processing cores on your machine. Set this value accordingly.

Exercise and Notes

  1. In this example a new folder will be created for the results. The folder will be named “Results”.

  2. To set every grid square to “Perform Task” click in the top left box called “Building”.

  3. Click on the Go button to run the calculations.